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Nursery to BIG Boy Room


Nursery Round 1 
June 2011

Before painting.
Father’s Day Surprise 2011

Painting- Before & After- Took 8 hours to finish in a day but I was so darn proud that we at least had one room painted in our glossy white new house.

The start of our book and toy collection.
More added after our baby shower on September 17, 2011.

Added Teal Lamp and Name to the wall.

Antique piece that was in my nursery when I was a baby!

Bedding set was found at the Goodwill- it retails for over $300 and was in new condition.
   Installed blackout curtains for light and heat insulation.  Added solid oak glider, also from Goodwill-and my mom made a new slipcover for the pads.
Closet Organization

Round 2
February 2012


Moved glider. Added white noise maker.
Closet reorganization- the top is full of diapers and clothes that he no longer fits into.

Round 3
October 2012

Bought the changing table at a local garage sale and quickly painted the piece a soft muted gray. Even though D was WAY too large at that point to fit on it- I had been searching for years for an affordable option and am so happy with the new piece.


Big Boy Room Round 1
June 2011

Guest Room Chaos

Moved bed, threw in broken red couch, and a bare boned shelf.

Seriously- why did I keep that couch so long?

Catch all for all of the crap we had no idea where to put.  The husbands old clothes, my teaching files, suitcases….
Big Boy Room Round 2
October 2012
Star Wars? Yep.

Storage for baby items.

Oak dresser bought from our neighbor. Yoda? Yes. Added silver lamp.  Removed red broken couch and gifted it to an unknown neighbor via the curb(your welcome). 
FINAL REVEAL will be next week!
The Big Boy Room has been painted- window treatments added- new bedding- toy bins-closet organization- and adorable wall art.

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