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Pardon the Absence

Happy Friday All!

Although for our little family tomorrow will be Friday because the Hubs is working his second consecutive Saturday overtime shift, along with working on the Holiday on Monday.  Super excited for that big fat paycheck because I can spend it on– oh wait- we can pay off the water heater we bought from the Garage Gas Leak Fiasco of 2013. C’est la vie.

The past couple of days the Toddler has gotten the bad flu bug that I had over the Holidays and frankly I am still getting over(one month later).  Poor little guy- coughing, saline rinses(he acts like I am killing him-although it does appear to be a form of water torture) and some medicine.  Along with four new teeth Motherhood gave me a swift kick in the pants on Wednesday and boy was it a WHOPPER.

Nesting mode kicked in much earlier this pregnancy because I remember how I couldn’t(wasn’t allowed) to do anything the last month before D arrived.  Plus, when you are the size of a whale- those “nesting” tasks seem so much harder.  The entire downstairs is being painted-by me, myself and I.  I need to pick up one more gallon of paint to finish part of the kitchen and do the trim by the ceiling.  Anyone want to come over and stand on a ladder for a couple hours and do the trim for me? No? Well, it is my least favorite part.  Good news is the house feels so much warmer with the new hue and a lot less, shall we say STARK.  Seriously- high gloss white is a sin- and no house should ever be painted with it- ever. 

I will go through the entries for the Little Green Pouch Giveaway this weekend and will contact and announce the winner on here next week.

D starts his second round of swim lessons tomorrow.  He LOVES the water so it will be fun to watch how he does- and it was FREE.  Our city is giving two rounds of swim lessons free to anyone that signs up.  

I had my first OB appointment over a week and a half ago- will update how our new little one is doing and share some belly pictures next week.  At ten weeks this time I look easily 23 weeks pregnant.  Easily. The frumpy stage of is she? Isn’t she? Never happened.  Which was my least favorite part last time around. : )

Hope you are all having a fabulous day!




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