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Swim Lessons Round 2





The Toddler has an endless amount of energy and I continue to try to find outlets that are both enjoyable and with other tots.  After perusing the different options locally I found out that our Energy Company is giving free swim lessons to residents in our city.  Outdoor swim lessons in January? Was I crazy? Yes. When I signed up it was still in the 20s in the morning with a high in the 40s…. but I kept thinking- the pool has to be heated…. right?

Well, yes and no.  The weather was beautiful and remarkably in the 70s for our first lesson.  The pool was “refreshing” but luke warm would be an overstatement.  We were having too much fun to notice : ).  When signing up for the lessons there were 1-12 Months or 18Months-3 years…. since D is 14 Months old(he looks like a four year old) I put him(and fudged his paperwork) in the 18Months-3 Year old group.  We were with three other 2 1/2 year olds and I was so excited the D got to watch and learn from the older kids.  He even dove under the water to grab a  toy a couple of times. Plus-bragging here- he was the only one that didn’t cry or get upset- proud mom moment!  Love that he can go under the water and that he is learning how to safely play and learn in the water.  Most of my plans for the summer as a Preggo lady include pool time- so its fitting to keep up the trend and make sure I know what he can do/accomplish at his age.

This next lesson the Hubs is getting in the water- and I get to watch my two men splash around.  Lucky to live out here in the desert this time of the year. <3

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