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Toddler Swim Lessons

BBRRRRRRR- It was a cold and blustery day- so much so that we called the pool to see if they were still running lessons.  Well, sure enough-they were. So off we went after D’s nap, in 50 degree weather… I was counting my lucky stars that it was the Husband’s turn to swim. Yep- I knew how that pool was only luke-warm- and boy did I not want to jump in.

D had a fabulous time- and we warmed him up with a fleece outfit-snow hat-and blanket when we were done. The Prius was HOT!

Overall, I am just so dang lucky that he loves the water so much- and that he is so brave.  Seriously- he goes underwater to get toys and doesn’t even bat an eye. Yep- and he is only 15 months old. This summer is going to be a blast! Thinking our community pool will be visited daily.

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