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Big Brother D

Clothes courtesy of: JV Clothiers.

From the moment you set your eye’s on Emma you were entranced.  You love her so.  It was immediate and melted my heart.  On our first car rides out together if she even whimpered you were lost in a puddle of tears- pleading with us to help her feel better.  Goodness little one.  Your kind heart knows no bounds.  I hope you are always so thoughtful and open with love and that no one hurts you to make you think twice about it. 

You share your toys- your chair-your snacks(I have to be quick though because Ms. Emma really can’t have Cherrios quite yet).  You give her kisses throughout the day and are ever mindful of where she is.  If she is on her play mat on the ground you make sure you walk a long way around her- giving her space.  I love that I haven’t had to get mad at you for being rough or mean to her.  Although we did have a good two and a half weeks of time when you broke all the rules in the world to spite me- nothing to do with your sister- just anything else that you know you certainly couldn’t do-you did. Those were some long, long days. Ones where I found myself questioning my parenting skills-my ability as your mom.  

Alas,  my young Nemo.  You no longer strive to touch the “butt”(boat)… instead you are my knight in shining armor.  You help me with anything, and everything.  When we are out in public and I am ‘wearing’ your sister in the baby carrier-you hold my hand-open up the doors to stores-hold them open for other people(oh so polite)-and you LISTEN.  Really listen to me. 

Thank you for being the big brother that I knew you could be.  You are Emma’s champion.  

We are so darn proud of you!



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  1. How heart warming to hear how sweet their relationship is!