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Body After Babies

After two babies and gaining and losing nearly 80 lbs in the past two years I feel like I finally can discuss my body.  Goodness do pregnancies differ, as well as recovery time for each birth.  With both pregnancies I started at an incredibly healthy and strong weight(hello college fitness level) and gained 40 lbs with each.  The goal was thirty… but well, forty happened and I didn’t kick myself.

Body After Babies

First Pregnancy

Worked out 4-5 days a week: Swimming Laps, 3 Mile Walk/Jogs, Yoga, Strength Training, Zumba

Weight Gained: 40 lbs

Weight Lost: By Six Weeks Postpartum.

Second Pregnancy

Worked Out 2-3 days a week: Zumba, Weights, Yoga AND Chased after my toddler(totally counts) every day

Weight Gained: 40 lbs

Weight Lost: By 16 Months Postpartum

Please note that I do not live or breathe by the number on the scale.  I weigh myself perhaps once a week, if that.  I prefer to go by how my clothes fit- those pre-baby(the pre-first baby jeans?!?) jeans fitting? That’s a win in my book.  Now, just because they fit doesn’t mean they look good… but that’s what flowy tops are made for… or at least that’s how I roll in my world of fashion “Do’s & Don’ts”.

Why did it take longer to lose the weight with Pregnancy #2? Honestly, I didn’t have as much energy to work out as with my first pregnancy because well, toddler.  And well I couldn’t just go swim laps, do yoga, or zumba when I wanted because well, toddler and lack of a gym membership with childcare.

Two distinct differences for my journey to weight loss.

With Raymond I was physically unable to breastfeed and with only a hand pump available(we couldn’t afford an electrical and they were not yet covered by insurance) I pumped for 30 minutes and would get 2-3 ounces and he would eat nearly every hour for the first week.  We had to almost immediately supplement with formula and there in-lies a sour spot that even I don’t want to talk about.  Women do not talk about breastfeeding not working.  We saw multiple lactation consultants to no avail.  I know why women do not talk about not being able to breastfeed.  I was thrust into the world of Mom Wars- a Mom War I didn’t even know existed.  I was publicly shamed on multiple occasions(too many that I lost track) for bottle feeding Raymond.  Strangers were the culprits, almost always.  Loved ones tried to support me but I was lost in the shame of not being able to feed my own child.  I stopped trying to tell my story because I realized people don’t want to listen.  I would choke back tears as people spit venom of hate.  I’m choking back tears as I even type this three years later and time has definitely not healed these wounds.  Sometimes breastfeeding doesn’t work.  Sometimes it isn’t even a choice.  And honestly it’s just none of your business. I lost all of the baby weight in six weeks with Raymond.  The fluffiness took work and at six months postpartum I was toned and proud to have my body back.

With Emma Marie we had latch issues early and went through four lactation experts until it worked at the hospital.  Emma Marie was completely breastfed.  Every single feeding.  She wouldn’t take a bottle.  Not one bottle.  Baby companies sent me ALL of their bottles and not one “worked” for us.

The Tale of Two Extremes: Body After Babies

Our breastfeeding journey ended after sixteen months.  She was no longer interested and it was time.  I didn’t lose one pound, not one single pound when I was breastfeeding.  As soon as I stopped breastfeeding I lost fifteen pounds in the first month, and ten each month since.  I am at a happy weight and am at the low-range for my height for body-mass-index- BUT I need to tone-up.  Hello fluffiness.  I am eating and working out the same as I have been for the past 18 months and it really just took for me to be done breastfeeding.  I fed Emma Marie all by myself for over a year and would not go back if I could and not breastfeed to lose the weight faster.  My body reacts differently compared to those that you see publicized(the exact opposite).

Seriously, two extremes.

So now after gaining and losing 80 lbs in the past couple of years I am working on getting my body back.  MY body back.  I am joining Allison from The Fit Tutor and completing her 8-week Get Fit Program. You get to choose your fitness level and the videos she posts to accompany the workouts help make sure that you are doing everything accurately and effectively. She is an incredibly motivational person and her positivity(if that was a word) is contagious.

In her own words, “I’m ridiculously passionate about helping busy women (especially moms) get and stay in shape. I believe strength training is essential for all women, and I want to make getting an effective workout doable, affordable, and efficient! I talk with moms all of the time about how they wish they had time, resources, etc for a personal trainer, so I made that happen. There are exercises for every level of exerciser, and I’ve combined them for effective workouts. There’s also a Workout Creator for people who want to go a step further and design their own. I really want to empower women with the knowledge and tools they need to get healthy, despite their limitations or crazy schedule.”

I am beyond excited to start today on working toward my goal of being toned and truly fitting into my pre-first baby jeans.  I took a range of “Before” pictures and my weight(not really important) so that I can post a true “After” with a healthy discussion of what worked for me.

My small dumb bells are out.  Workout clothes ready.  I am ready to begin!
Body After Babies

You can follow along a number of wonderful bloggers as they embark on the 8-week Get Fit Program too.  Check out A Whimsicle Life  for more information about The Fit Tutor.


Now YOU can join in with me for the first four weeks of the 8-week Get Fit Program! Come join me and let’s make this the year for us!

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Do you have any fitness goals in the New Year? Share!

How long did it take you to “feel like yourself” after baby?  How did you get your body back after baby? 


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  1. Yay! Excited for you to do The Fit Tutor as well! It took me a while to recover from my first – body wise.I was healthier when I got pregnant with my second and then started running again pretty soon after his birth, so it was much faster with him.

    • Woohoo! So excited to start the 8-week Get Fit Program today with you! Running is such a great workout and I definitely want to start again soon. Thanks for sharing JoAnn!

  2. This is so inspiring! And you look INCREDIBLE right now, BTW!!

  3. Good for you for taking care of yourself and working hard! I should take a page from your book and get my booty in gear.