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Don’t Sit on the Sidelines

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Being present in my kid’s lives is incredibly important to me.  I refuse to sit on the sidelines.  I coached high school soccer before being called, “Mom,”.  I miss being out on the field coaching, but know that in time I will be able to.  They are only little once and I want to coach, play, and create side aches full of laughter with my children.

 Nothing is going to prevent me from playing.


Don’t Sit on the Sidelines

For the longest time, after having two sweet kids I’ve not been able to run.  I mean REALLY run.  As a former athlete that is incredibly depressing and as a mother I didn’t want to worry about if sprinting after my kids would cause a problem.  Sure, there are ways to disguise the problem and prevent spots from showing up on clothes.  But frankly I am just not ready for that to be my last resort.


Working out those muscles has helped prevent leaks from occurring… although it must be said that when one of my family member’s scares me(on purpose) that no amount of muscle control can help.  Reminds me of when I was pregnant and would sneeze.  The Snizzle, as I liked to call it.  Just enough to be uncomfortable.  Well, here I am with a two and three year old and The Snizzle still gets me(perhaps we should call it the Scardy-izzle-Scardy-Cats Unite!).  And no, I am not pregnant.


Good times.  Chalk that up to another fabulous list of things no one tells you about before you have kids.

Well, now with my youngest just celebrating her second birthday I have come to the realization that yes, my muscles are MUCH stronger-so no sneezes get me.  BUT the elusive sprint is much harder to conquer.  I will get there.  I know I will.  But I can not comfortably run(fast) without a small, annoying problem.


Soccer Practice

When I first saw that Poise Impressa was supposed to help you through those moments-I thought it was a brilliant marketing ploy.  Well, friends-it works.  I can run, nay, I can SPRINT for long periods of time and not have a single problem.  I literally JUMPED FOR JOY at the thought that a liner(what always felt like a diaper) would never be necessary for me.  And yes, I can JUMP all I want without a single problem.

Chalk it up to someone finally getting at the root of a problem.  One that we girl’s don’t necessarily like talking about. Frankly, who does?


Little Soccer Star

But here I am shouting from the ROOFTOPS that this works.  I wore white shorts and played soccer for over an hour without any sort of “extra padding” to test this theory out.  I was disgustingly sweaty after-but not one single incident.  This is a life-changer.

An embarrassing problem that I have been made fun of for(not kidding) is now in my control.  Please know that if this didn’t work that I would’ve passed on this opportunity.  I actually tried this before this opportunity presented itself and low and behold it works.


I will not sit on the sidelines.  I will start playing in adult soccer leagues.  I will coach my own kids.

I will have no fear of leaks.


Words to the Wise

The size is not about how much you leak or how much you weigh. It’s about the best fit for you. Everyone is different. Poise Impressa is inserted like a tampon. Start with Size 1, and if you still leak, move to size 2, and then on if necessary.  I am grateful that the sizing kit was so easy to use– I grabbed it while picking up a prescription at my local CVS. I’ve now ordered my correct size from the comfort of my home from the CVS website.


Grab this coupon for $1 OFF- HERE for the Poise Impressa Starter Kit at CVS. (Available until all are claimed)


Don’t sit on the sidelines.  Be present in life.

I can coach and chase my kids and play competitive soccer with confidence thanks to Poise Impressa!

What would you do? 


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