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Em:Three Months Old

Happy Talking = Blurry Shot

Sweet Em,

You are growing by leaps and bounds!  Although you are only three months old-you are now wearing 6 month onesies and 9 month footed sleepers!  So many cute clothes had to be put away so darn fast… BUT I am glad you are one healthy baby girl.

You light up whenever we talk to you!  You thoroughly enjoy watching your brother play-and are a good sport when he “shares” his trains, trucks and legos with you-on your head no less(we are working on this).  You just smile and coo at him.  Happy to have him in your life!

You have been rolling from tummy to back since you were three weeks old.  And crawling-YES CRAWLING- from two weeks.  It is an adorable inch-worm variation. But we have to put you down at one end of the crib because by the time you wake up you have “traveled” the entire length and are pissed that you can’t keep going.

The only things that bother you? Car seat-getting stuck at the end of the crib-teething.

Oh teething.  You already have your first pearly white showing!  Your cheeks are rosy and you have to have something in your mouth-hand-pacifier-teether- at all waking moments the last couple of weeks.

You are one cool customer though.  You just love being around people.  You giggle.  You sing. You smile.  

Your hair is turning into a light brown/blond.  You still have deep blue eyes-my beautiful blue-eyed baby!  

We can’t wait to see what the next month has in store.  But one thing is for certain- you are quite possibly the sweetest little girl in the world.



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