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Heroes of the City: Review & GIVEAWAY

The Toddler Loves CARS! That is no secret. Whether it’s a yellow Lamborghini, a wooden dump truck or Mater…he loves them. So when we received the Heroes of the City package in the mail he was giddy. The Toddler makes this ,”Hoot, hoot , whoot , ho!” sound when he gets really happy and excited. He made this sound for the entire first minute of the DVD after we turned on the TV- AGAIN when we showed him the book AND YET AGAIN with Paulie Police Car and Harry Hotrod die-cast toys.  He has kept his “presents”- the two cars- by his side ever since.  They travel to the park, the backyard sandbox and of course tub time!

We had The Toddler watch a few episodes before we read the book or gave him the cars just to give him some reference (and for me to do the voices somewhat justice). I was surprised by the show and pleasantly so. It’s not a fast, rock music enhanced, need for speed show like many out there. Heroes is easy to watch and calming with well thought out characters. There is not a fixed antagonist and protagonist role; It’s a community where characters can make mistakes- but they are not inherently bad. They’re friends that learn from their experiences. A great tool for a parent gearing their toddler up for a social world.
The Toddler clutched his toy Paulie and Harry cars while watching Calamity Crow getting into trouble with his vintage movie camera. They are smaller than I expected which makes them easily held everywhere our Toddler goes. He would “drive” them around squealing “WEEEHOO, WEEHOO” in a very British sounding siren the rest of the day. Don’t worry, he washed them off at the end of the day because…you guessed it, they joined him in the tub.

I read the book that night with The Toddler snuggled right up to me in his reading corner. The first page was a map like a picture of the city with a “Where’s Calamity Crow” search. The Toddler loved the pictures, seeing all the characters he watched earlier, so much so he got up and grabbed his Paulie and Harry cars. He was engaged in the story line and really liked seeing more characters highlighted. At the end our little boy said, “Nite, nite!” to the book, I closed it and then he said, “Another.” I told him ok and to pick out a new book. He then tapped the Heroes of the City book and smiled. 

That is what we call Toddler Approved.
P.S. The last page of the book had the city map but Calamity Crow is not in the same spot as before…so a bonus Where’s Calamity Search (Parents need to get a little challenge from children’s’ books too).

The App

The Toddler has never been allowed to touch our iPad. He knows that fire and brimstone will rain down if he decided to take the iPad for a spin. It’s an expensive tool we parents use to check email, keep track of banking, set a schedule that we can then immediately update our spouses calendar, check Facebook, tweet, catch up on Big Bang episodes after bedtime…and I’m not helping my case. I don’t trust my son to not break expensive, breakable things in a Hulk like manner. I’m starting to get use to him being mature enough for big boy toys and the Heroes of the City App has helped.

The Toddler’s FAVORITE Game

Puzzle Fun

Driving a police car!

Fire Department

Help save the city and put out fires!

Choo Choo Heaven

We started trying to get D to use the potty more and sometimes it can be a challenge to get him to commit the time to just try. One instance I knew he had to go but just wanted to go back outside and play. I remembered  about our new  App and quickly grabbed it before The Toddler stood up. I opened it and started to look through the games with him and we first selected Whack-a-mole. I had to keep telling The Toddler to gently tap the moles and he did great! He kept giggling as the moles made funny faces and the fireworks after each level. Then came Calamity Crow Canon blast game-He loved making Calamity Crow fly and bounce off the trampolines!
He had finished on the potty but did not want to leave. He was having too much fun with the App and I only had to remind him to be gentle a few times.

Since the inaugural spin with the App during potty-training we have used the App for working on The Toddler’s dexterity, his spatial awareness, and slowly learning about technology.  As a former teacher, I definitely think this App is worth your time and attention.  I continue to be impressed each time we sit down to play!

An all-in-one, safe and fun Children’s App!

This is a perfect app for children 2-6 year. The app includes both movies and games. 
The content is fully adapted to the target audience and is based on the popular television series Heroes of the City.

Air Play function for your Apple TV!

More than six hours of entertaining movies!

Nine exciting games!

Collect trophies to unlock your own secret surprise!

One full movie episode, 3 games and a music video for free.

AppStore: Click HERE to Download!

Google Play: Click HERE to Download!

Heroes of the City has an incredible amount of information available online on their site: HERE. You can find exclusive deals- information about their App- and free printables!  The Toddler was escatic when we printed out a couple pages for our afternoon art sessions.  


Now YOU can win a fantastic prize pack from Heroes of the City!  They are giving away a complete prize pack to one of my readers! 
There are two total possible entries for this giveaway.
1.  Leave a comment on the bottom of this post on why you would want to win a prize pack.

2.  Like As Cute as a Bug’s Ear on Facebook and comment on the bottom of this post saying you did.

Winner will be chosen by Random.org and emailed.  Winner will have 48 hours to respond before a new winner will be chosen. Giveaway ends 3/31 at 5PM Mountain Standard Time.

Connect with Heroes of the City on Twitter and Facebook to stay up to date with all of their new products and promotions.

*Disclaimer – I was provided a product for review. No other compensation was received. All opinions are honest and 100% my own.

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  1. As a Nana of 4 – I would love to win the Hero’s pack. I can imagine hours of fun playing wiht my grandkids!!!

  2. Wow! These are super cute! My little guys LOVES cars, trucks, trains, you name it. I’m always looking for new kinds to play with and keep us busy!

  3. I like you on Facebook! =)

  4. Wow! These are super cute! My little guy LOVES cars, trucks, trains, you name it! I’m always looking for new ones to play with and keep us busy!

  5. I have 4 grandkids, they love trucks, cars and anything hero related. Even the granddaughters. I’m sure they would enjoy this prize pkg.
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  6. I like you on FB @Rhonda Grisham
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