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Holiday Cheer Treats

Spreading holiday cheer! Our kitchen has been FULL of fabulous holiday goodies and I can’t wait to share our winning secret with our Holiday Cheer Cupcakes.  DELICIOUS.  Treats that taste better than they look?  AWESOME.  Treats that look JUST as good as they taste?  EVEN BETTER. Here are some family tested treats that are sure to help brighten up your tablescape this holiday season.

Holiday Cheer Cupcakes

Holiday Cheer Cupcakes are a GAME-CHANGER.  We added in one special ingredient-dropped a bunch-and voila- our perfectly sweet and satisfying Holiday Cheer Cupcakes.

Holiday Cheer Cupcakes


One box of Betty Crocker Super Moist Yellow Cake Mix

One can of lemon lime soda

The lemon lime soda works as a substitute to ALL of the extra ingredients needed to bake your Holiday Cheer Cupcakes.  Don’t forget to grab some frosting and fun sprinkles.

Sprinkles can cover even the worst icing job.  I would know, that’s how I roll.


Sub Lemon Lime Soda for all ingredients of Betty Crocker Super Moist Yellow Cake Mix.  Bake according to the back of the box.  Seriously, it is THAT easy.


We stock up on Chex at Winco every two weeks, one of the only allergy-safe options for my son, and love how much we’ve save this year just in cereal.  Plus baking mixes, crock pot mixes, and other staples are usually 20-30% cheaper (you really need to check it out) than what I can find at my neighborhood grocery store.  It pays to stock up on essentials at Winco.


Holiday Cheer Cupcakes


Holiday Cheer Chex

For my son, making sure there is a safe holiday treat option is a must!  He knows he can not have what everyone else has at parties we attend, so it’s fun to bring a treat that is tasty and pleasing on the eyes.  Most of his friends want a bag of their own!

To make the Holiday Cheer Chex you need to get 1 pound bags of candy melts and a box of Rice Chex.

PLEASE read the directions on the bag.  They can and WILL catch fire in the microwave.  You can read more about our close call here.  Talk about needing to read ALL of the directions. Goodness.

Simply grab a 1 pound bag in the color, or colors, of your choosing.  Microwave according to directions.  Then stir in the chex mix.  I let the mix dry for about thirty minutes before transferring to a cute container for storage.



Holiday Cheer Chex Mix

Candy melts can really help make your holiday treats POP this season.  The easy concoction has helped transform the last few parties- Avengers Super Hero Party & Star Wars Party.

What are your GO-TO holiday treats?  

I would love to add in some more no-fail options as the holidays approach.  Thank you for sharing!



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  1. I love to make peanut butter buckeye cookies and frosted sugar cookies for Christmas.

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    I love making peanut butter blossom cookies!
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