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Star Wars Asteroid Cookies

Asteroid Cookies from a galaxy, far, far away.  The biggest hit unbeknownst to us for our Star Wars: Bantha Milk & Cookie Bar were the Asteroid Cookies.  Delectable, little treats that were gobbled up by the masses.  Easy to make and even easier to destroy an entire plateful(not that I would know anything about that).



Star Wars Asteroid Cookies

Shopping List:

Rice Crispies Individually Wrapped-big box store purchase

Brown Chocolate Waffers-Party Supply Section of Walmart

Graham Cracker Sprinkles-Starbucks Purchase


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-Cut individually wrapped rice crispies into fours.  On baking sheet layer wax paper on top and roll the pieces into circles.  Imperfections appreciated.  These are asteroids we are talking about.

-Melt the Brown Chocolate Waffers CORRECTLY.  Learn from my mistakes.  Read the label and melt accordingly.  They can and will BURN.  Once they are properly warmed, use a spoon to get a smooth texture in your small, glass bowl.

-Dip and roll your asteroids until you get the coverage desired.

-Sprinkle on the graham cracker crust, immediately, as the melts do start to harden fast.

-Place the asteroid on the baking sheet that is layered with wax paper.  Again, learn from my mistakes.




Time Spent: 5-10 minutes

This will now always be a part of ALL parties that we host.  Seriously underestimated how the adults would enjoy the sweet taste of childhood long forgotten.  Our Bantha Milk & Cookies Bar was definitely a hit.  I also enjoyed not making any sides OR actual meal options.  Perhaps we cookie bars hold the future and my sanity.

So friends always remember:

Rice Crispies RULE.  

Especially when covered in chocolate with a graham cracker crust.

Do you know of an easy cookie that is always a crowd pleaser?  Would love to add a couple more to the list for future(all) parties that may or may not be centered around a cookie bar.


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