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The Peach Festival 2014

The Peach Festival will surely be an annual tradition. The picking and tasting was hilarious… both little ones enjoyed fresh peaches right off the tree.  Don’t worry- they put an extra pound on at the scales no matter what.  

After picking our batch we headed off for some breakfast treats, a train ride, slides, bouncing, and riding the rides.  The Toddler was BEYOND exhausted when we left- four hours of hilarious memories.  

I am very thankful to be able to spend Mother’s Day Weekend with my favorite people.  We had a family coffee date Sunday at Starbucks.  Followed by cuddles, snuggles, park dates, and The Toddler’s favorite- Chipotle.  With allergies to over 26 foods we are hard pressed to find a restaurant that he can eat at… we are lucky that he loves Chipotle as much as us-and how healthy it is for us.  This is the first time that Em joined in on the fun- HILARIOUS.  We ordered four burrito bowls. Suffice it to say all of them were demolished, save for Sweet Em’s-she has about half left.  

Thankful for my sweet family.  Feeling very blessed.  

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

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  1. I really want to check out the Peach Festival! It sounds like fun!